The Headache Crisis – How to Find Headache Relief Without Drugs

Drugs like Excedrin, Tylenol, Advil, and Motrin all claim to be the solution to headaches. But most headache sufferers continue to repeatedly experience the same aching head pain over and over each week or month. If medications provided a real solution, headaches would not come back.
Some pharmaceutical advertisements claim to help treat what they describe as normal and everyday headaches. People experiencing daily pain and headaches suffer from conditions identified as completely abnormal. Pharmaceutical companies attempt to merge the terms common and normal as if they share the same definition. Headaches and heart attacks occur commonly among millions of people. Neither affliction is a normal occurrence no matter how commonly each happens.


Headaches often feel as if the entire brain aches. The only part of the brain that actually transmits pain exists within blood vessels. Every ache in the head stems from an alteration in circulation through the blood vessels. The only treatment protocols or lifestyle changes that actually provide a genuine solution to headaches involves the improvement of blood efficiency and flow within the brain.
Spinal health, especially in the upper neck, plays a significant role in the production or reduction of headaches. Research from 2014 proved that all headaches connect directly or indirectly with upper neck nerves that control the blood supply into and out of the head. These revolutionary findings rarely impact the advice of medical doctors who receive stipends for prescribing pharmaceuticals to headache sufferers.
Solving the headache crisis begins with awareness and education. Some hospitals witness doctors surgically removing specific muscles in the neck as a treatment for extreme cases of tension and migraine headaches. Chiropractic insists that a safer and more effective solution exists. A misaligned vertebra creates abnormal nerve wiring and firing. Chiropractors remove the stress in the nervous system by making very gentle and specific adjustments to remove any static in the nervous system. Millions of headache sufferers choose a genuine solution to their affliction through Chiropractic care.
Statistics reveal that the number of children experiencing devastating headaches at younger ages continues to grow. The headache crisis sits at epidemic proportions in the U.S. and other countries and a drug based solution does not exist. Chiropractic does not claim to cure headaches. Chiropractic adjustments provide a solution through the removal of interference in the electrical wiring of the body. Over 100 years of evidence support the fact that properly delivered chiropractic adjustments help patients alleviate headache occurrences without drugs or surgery. The science and research continue to reveal that Chiropractic patients share a healthier and effective experience much different than people who suffer regularly from the use of dangerous drugs and surgeries. Headache sufferers deserve to know that a genuine solution exists. The Chiropractic community continues to pursue the education and awareness of all patients. The millions of healthy patients of every local community will always be Chiropractic’s greatest advocate for better health.  Health is not found in a bottle of drugs.

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