Neck Pain – Treat The Cause And It Goes Away For Good !

Neck Pain -Treat The Cause And It Goes Away For Good !

Chiropractic treatment of the neck, for neck pain is very effective. There have been eight well designed, controlled, scientific studies that have demonstrated chiropractic to be highly effective in eliminating neck pain. It is also incredibly safe. Safer than taking aspirin or Tylenol.

But the pain is more than just a problem in your neck. The neck itself can be treated. But, other parts of your spine almost always have to be treated as well.  Many people are surprised to know that in some cases, neck pain can be relieved without every treating the neck.

One of the largest contributors to neck pain is poor posture. If the head is aligned too far in front of the shoulders, the muscles of the neck have to pull hard to keep the head upright.  It makes it difficult to turn the head and the constant fatigue, causes pain.

Simply treating the neck with chiropractic or other therapies will not solve the whole problem. You will need to have your posture treated as well.  Just like these neck pain sufferers below.


These pictures were taken minutes apart, before and after their first treatment. The patients are standing totally relaxed in both pictures.  Before treatment, when relaxed, their shoulders are rounded forward and the head sticks out in front of their bodies. After treatment, when relaxed, the head is over the shoulders and the shoulders square up.   They were not using any muscular effort to hold their heads up.  They felt relief from pain, and they can turn their heads to back up a car without restriction.

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