Is Yoga Good For The Spine ?

By: Paul Kramer DC

I am often asked if Yoga is beneficial to the spine.  Its one of those questions where I have to be the bearer of bad news.

Yoga is not good for the spine.  It causes many injuries and it is particularly injurious to the lower neck.

When I tell patients this, they are very surprised or skeptical.  Everyone says that Yoga is good for you.  Well, take a look at this article by a Yogi from India.  He tells many people not to do Yoga.  He says that Yoga is meant for people with healthy joints to stay healthy, not as a means for unhealthy people to get healthier.  That’s how I feel as well.

Also, the light-headed feeling you get after doing the spine stretches, that some Yoga instructors say is the “chakras” opening up, isn’t that at all.  It is an effect of having the spinal cord stretched.  Unfortunately, that feeling doesn’t always clear up on its own and can leave you with dizziness and balance problems.  Take a look at the article for more in depth information.

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