Can Weather Aggravate Pain ?

Anyone who has treated chronic pain patients will tell you that patients seem to feel worse on days when the weather is bad.  Particularly when it is cold and damp.

In an research paper titled “The Relationship of Diagnosis and Weather Sensitivity in Chronic Pain Patients” (JNMS Vol.3, No.1, Spring 1995) the authors found that people with many different types of pain syndromes were adversely affected by bad weather.

They said “The onset of aching and tenderness around joints as an indication of impending storms has been a wives’ tale for centuries.  Clinicians have long observed that the weather seems to influence a number of physical conditions.  Numerous past surveys have reported weather sensitivity in patients with chronic pain.  Accounts date back to Hippocrates…”

So, the pain you may feel when the weather changes is not a psychological, “all in your head”, made up thing.  It is real.

The authors also found that this type of pain indicates bone and joint problems and not muscle problems.  So if you are experiencing this type of pain, treatments that focus on muscles won’t help it.  Treatments, like chiropractic, that focus on the joints, will.

The authors found that spine pain, bulging discs, carpal tunnel syndrome, spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease were the most weather affected conditions.  In clinical practice, I have found that arthritis in the knee is very often worse in patients during bad weather.  Though this isn’t mentioned in the article.

If you are suffering from joint pain that gets aggravated by bad weather, you should know that there is help for you.  Check out this video on ABC method chiropractic.