AMA says – Acetaminophen doesn’t help acute low back pain

In a recent article printed in the Journal of the American Medical Association, a review of the studies for the treatment of acute low back pain with acetaminophen show it does not work.  It is also one of the most toxic substances to the liver ever found.  Why do doctors continue to prescribe these drugs for back pain ?  answer: $$$$$$$.  Not for them, but for the companies that make these drugs.  The companies that make these drugs fool the doctors by sponsoring educational programs to promote their products.  The doctors never hear about how ineffective the drugs really are and never learn about their side dangerous effects.

What they most likely will never tell you is Chiropractic has a 120 year track record of safety and effectiveness.  It has been found to be one of the safest procedures in all of healthcare and it is the most effective form of therapy for the low back.  Newer methods are being developed within the chiropractic profession which offer patients more comfort and quicker results.  Check out more information on

Here is the article about medical procedures: