Before and After

These are pictures of some of our patients before and after treatment. In order to evaluate them properly, you will need to know what perfect posture looks like. Perfect posture for the human body is when the ear is over the shoulder, the shoulder is over the hip and the hip is over the front of the ankle.

The instructions given for both pictures are to breath in, breath out and let your body relax and slump. Everyone in the photos is completely relaxed. They are not forcing their body in any direction. Keep this in mind, because it is one thing to stand upright by forcing yourself with muscular effort. It is quite another to stand upright and be totally relaxed.


Again, all these photos are taken with the patient totally relaxed. A common misconception about posture is that muscle strength is necessary to maintain good posture. This is why physical therapy rarely changes body alignment. When a body is aligned correctly, its weight is supported by the bones. Muscular effort is not required to stay upright. Strengthening muscles in order to straighten out posture, simply makes the body tighter, and makes things more stressful for the patient.

Nobody wants to walk around all day, constantly thinking about how they are standing. Good posture should be easy and relaxed. If your posture is not upright, pain free, easy and relaxed you should know that it can be corrected. You can get results like the photos above, consistently and predictably with Dr. Paul Kramer a certified ABC method practitioner.

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