Patient Reviews

I was so wonderfully impressed with Dr. Kramer’s practice that it took me some time to formulate a just review !  I have worked as an RN for many years and consequently presented with a long history of back pain.  Frankly, as a nurse, I had always been skeptical of chiropractic medicine.  Recently, my back pain seemed to be getting worse and involved my upper back as well as my low back.  I decided I no longer wanted to rely on ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatory meds, as these merely treat the symptoms and do absolutely nothing to treat the problem.  Surgery was out of the question.

Many of my friends recommended seeing a chiropractor.  So, after searching online and checking with my insurance company, I found Dr. Kramer.  It must have been providential.  What an amazing transition and improvement in my pain, function, and well being after the first visit !  I felt I could stand straighter, breath easier, and had an increase in energy.  I also lost the extreme stiffness and fatigue that often came after sitting for an extended period of time.

I can honestly say, I am now a believer !  Having studied the material and information on Dr. Kramer’s ABC method, it makes sense and the results are profound.  Dr. Kramer takes a serious interest in his patient’s health and their understanding of his treatment.  His frequent emails and reminders are packed with helpful information about health and give the patient the feeling that they are not merely a number on a health care account.  Love Dr. Kramer’s practice, his cheerful office staff are a real bonus, and all this without medication !

Jeanne L.- Menomonee Falls

Before seeing Dr. Kramer I had problems sleeping because of many aches and pains due to Fibromyalgia. I had to change jobs and work part-time. I could not participate in a lot of activities with my family and my three sons. I have tried medical doctors, physical therapy, health clubs and tanning (heat helped the pain) I found little relief. I was skeptical about seeing Dr. Kramer because I had seen another chiropractor before and found relief of back pain only, little else. Now I am virtually pain free. I am working full-time again. I have not missed a day of work since I started treatment. I can function almost at a normal level and do a lot more with my family now. Dr. Kramer has helped my life more than I could imagine.

-Rene S., Campbellsport

I suffered from complete exhaustion to the extent that sometimes a shower was all I could do in one day. My muscles and joints ached so bad I couldn’t sleep or concentrate on even a normal conversation. I had been put on every medication to help my symptoms but I still had no energy and found some were hard on my stomach. I was somewhat skeptical of chiropractic care but I had tried everything else short of surgery. Even after my first treatment I knew I had finally found help for my symptoms. I can work at a job I really enjoy. I’m sleeping better than I have in years. Of course I am happier now and actually feel like a human being, alive and ready to live life again. Dr. Kramer has given me my life back.

-Judy G., West Bend

I experienced constant neck and back pain along with bad headaches due to Fibromyalgia. I was always moody and on edge because I was so sick and tired of being in pain. The pain didn’t stop me from doing things but my attitude wasn’t the greatest. I was seeing a different chiropractor that only gave me relief for a few days. This chiropractic care is very different from my other one. I’m adjusted on my target areas instead of everywhere. I feel great. I’m back to normal again and I never thought this would happen.

-Kristeen V., Hubertus

I was totally unable to turn my head, raise my arms or bend my body to get dressed, bathe etc. General housework was almost impossible. I avoided my family and my social life was nill. Many a nite I prayed to die! I went for medical help, but all they did was give me pain pills and frankly, I didn’t want ulcers too. I went to rehab and it was a waste of time. I saw another chiropractor but he said there was nothing he could do for me. My response with Dr. Kramer was fantastic. I got my first full nights sleep right away and it was the beginning of my recuperation. Now I am able to do housework, I’m sleeping very well, got more energy and I’m not a hateful old bat anymore. “Thank you doc you are the greatest.”

-Kathryn S., Kewauskum (87 years old)

I had Fibromyalgia- chronic low back pain, tingling and numbness in my hands and a knot in my neck. I had to stop working and had to force myself to go to family gatherings. My bed was my best friend. I went to pain management clinics and physical therapy. I got injections and took pain pills. The pain would sometimes go away for a little while, but then it would come back. I just wanted to give up. This treatment was a blessing for me. Within two months I felt so much better. No more tingling or numbness, the knot in my neck is gone and I don’t take pain pills. I sleep better and I have more energy. Dr Kramer and staff are wonderful people. I tell everyone about him.

-Natalie B., Milwaukee

My symptoms before chiropractic care were pain, pain and more pain! The worst areas were above my knees, lower back, hips, shoulders and face. I had pain in more places than I knew I had. I could not lay on my back. If I did, I wouldn’t be able to walk for most of the day. My symptoms affected my entire life. I had a hard time walking some days, writing, or seeing correctly, and even staying focused on what I was doing. It made me moody all the time and I was unable to play with my children like I wanted to. Before seeing Dr. Kramer I had been medicated, went through therapy, tried meditation and exercise and it all made me feel worse. At first I was skeptical about chiropractic care, but I had so much pain I was ready to try anything. After seeing Dr. Kramer for the first treatment I was able to lay on my back without pain for the first time in my life! Immediately after the treatment, I was able to breathe better and my headache went away. I also have not experienced as much pain and muscle spasms since. He is a true gift! This has changed my life for the better in many ways. For one I am not in such a bad mood. I can play with my children. It has also improved my relationship with my husband because I can do more with him and the kids. Thank you Dr. Kramer for making such a big difference in my life!

-Shannon R., Jefferson

I had chronic pain all over. I couldn’t walk because of foot pain. There was no comfortable position for me to sleep because of the pain. I couldn’t do anything socially. I broke down crying at Bible study because of the intense pain. I tried tons of pain pills and physical therapy. Nothing worked!!! I never thought the pain would go away. Doctor after doctor wrote prescriptions for more pills. Now my posture has improved and no more pain pills. I can take walks again. It used to take me 3 hrs. to get moving. Now I can get up and out in ½ hour. Even though I have other health problems Dr. Kramer has done his job. Pain is not an issue anymore.

– Sandra W., Kenosha

My name is Bobbie and I am a housewife. Before chiropractic care I had severe right side back pain. I was having trouble lifting and carrying my 18 pound granddaughter.

I tried Yoga for exercise and even had taken muscle relaxers. These gave me temporary relief as long as there was no other stress in my life.

I was very skeptical of chiropractic care and I was amazed at the results it gave me. I wished I had done it years ago.

I am definitely happy that I can now take on extra tasks without the physical limitations I previously felt. I am amazed that Dr. Kramer’s treatment included my feet which I sought treatment with a podiatrist for last year. It really helped my plantar fascitis.

Additionally, I would like to add that I like Dr. Kramer’s friendly, easy going manner.

-Bobbie S., West Bend

Before coming to Dr. Kramer, I had shoulder, arm and neck pain. This gave me limited use of my arm and also constant pain. It was very hard to do ordinary household chores. I did go to physical therapy and had two cortisone shots in my shoulder, which did not help. Since my chiropractic care, I have more mobility in my arm and relief from constant pain. I have been sleeping a lot better and I am more physically active. I would highly recommend chiropractic care to anyone who is in pain.

-Carolyn W., Menomonee Falls

I had foot pain – midfoot arthritis, tendonitis, dropped 5th metatarsal head. I work on my feet on very unforgiving floors. By the end of the day, my feet hurt so bad that I had to take pain relievers to sleep.

I tried shoes with orthotics- my symptoms got worse. I was skeptical, I had never heard of chiropractic care for foot pain before.

I had some relief right away after being adjusted and receiving cold laser light therapy. Now the tendonitis is kept at bay and is healing. I wear different shoes and all my issues are resolving.

I don’t have to wonder what I’m going to do or how I’ll be able to work…etc.

I enjoy seeing Dr. Kramer and Jennifer. They are interested in me and my family and my life and share theirs with me. 🙂

-Charlene S., Milwaukee

My son Cody was having problems having to use the bathroom up to 20 times a day.

Cody was afraid of being somewhere that didn’t have a restroom close, so he wouldn’t participate in many normal childhood activities. His father and I had taken him to two different doctors including a GI specialist. We tried many different laxatives and fiber diets.

We were a little skeptical because I didn’t know chiropractic could help his situation.

Dr. Kramer put Cody at ease and after only a couple of sessions we were able to tell a difference. He is now more outgoing and active. You can tell he is much happier.

I was amazed when Dr. Kramer said he may be able to help Cody. We can tell Cody is on a much better schedule and is more willing to do things away from home. II would suggest talking with Dr. Kramer about any issues because you won’t know what he can help treat until you ask.

-Cody Z., Age 10, Milwaukee

I work in the maintenance field. Before coming to see Dr. Kramer I suffered from mid and low back pain, neck pain, headaches and numbness in my fingers. I had problems even driving my car due to my neck pain. If I sat too long or did anything too long I would be in pain. I also suffered from headaches and loss of sleep. Before coming in to see Dr. Kramer I saw a doctor at another clinic and all she wanted to do was give me pain pills and muscle relaxers. I did not agree with her method of treatment and that is when my wife referred me to Dr. Kramer.

After seeing Dr. Kramer i can finally sleep at night without my fingers going numb or waking up with headaches. My energy is back up to what it was years ago. I feel stronger because I am able to do more. My appetite has also increased but I have not gained any weight because I am more active. I can honestly say that I have not felt this good since I was a teenager. Dr. Kramer has also helped me with problems in my wrist. I swear by his treatments.

Dan A.- Menomonee Falls

I have been under Dr. Kramer’s chiropractic care since 1997. Before my chiropractic care, I suffered from severe migraine headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, numbness and pain in my legs and feet. I had very little energy. My headaches wee so severe that I spent many days in bed. I could not handle noise, such as loud T.V… My Social life was limited because conversations set off headaches. I also had a lack of appetite. Before my chiropractic treatment, I had tried many other things to help my various conditions. I was on many different pain medications. I had tried heat and ice. I also went through months of physical therapy. Then I started to see Dr. Kramer. Dr. Kramer was recommended to me by a mother whose young son, who also had migraine headaches, was helped by chiropractic care and had amazing results. Chiropractic care helped my life greatly.

My care with Dr. Kramer gave me back my life!! it felt wonderful!! After years of being told that I had migraine headaches, I learned that this was not true. My headaches along with the pain in my neck, shoulders, back and legs were caused by subluxations. It was amazing to experience Dr. Kramer’s treatments. I would just like to say that taking many different medications is not the answer. These medications have many different side effects. At age 64, I know this only too well now, THANKS TO DR. KRAMER!!!

Donna V.-Menomonee Falls

I had upper and lower back pain, legs and arm pain, and chest pain. II had little or no time to socialize with family outing or visits and no walking. Pain medication every two hours everyday. Very high doses. Oh yes, and lots of therapy and surgery.

Doctors said I have an arrhythmia muscle disease and I am a severe asthmatic, a hip replacement and both shoulders had been done.

I was very skeptical about chiropractic care.

But, it was very helpful to me. Now I can breathe better and visit a little while longer than I have been. II sleep better. My social life is better, and improved a lot. My energy has improved a lot, and so have my body pains.

I advise everyone to have a Chiropractic doctor. My doctor, Dr. Kramer is a wonderful healer of pain. Doctor Kramer, keep up the good work! You’re very appreciated.

Elaine-Menomonee Falls

Pain in my neck (seventh cervical so severe I could not stand at times)

Could not work at times, did not want to be social, could not be attentive to my son, just was not myself. I tried accupuncture and medication.

I was a little skeptical about the treatment because I was not sure what the problem was.

I immediately felt better- I could work again, I could stand, I did not just want to sleep all day.

I was able to go back to work, I was able to be social again.

I had the energy to be with my son; less irritable.

I was educated on the way I slept, my pillow height, the shoes I wore which caused problems I did not know could occur. II am very thankful to have met Dr. Kramer.

He is a great person and also his wife Jennifer and kids Danny and Abby too 🙂

I feel great! Thank you!

Elliot M.-Menomonee Falls, WI

Sciatica- I had severe pain in my right leg and was only able to stand a short time and I had difficulty walking. II was unable to perform household duties. My social activities were limited and I was somewhat depressed.

I saw my doctor and took some pain and muscle relaxers, but I found that they tired me out even more. II was a bit skeptical chiropractic due to the fact that the pain was in my leg not my back.

It took a while for the treatment to work but the pain lessened and went away and my energy returned. My attitude improved and I was able to function as I had before.

It was like night and day. II found that I had a general improvement in my feelings and well being. II had a much better outlook on life.

The Kramer office atmosphere is very positive. IIt is personal and made me feel at home.

I found myself looking forward to my treatments.

-George H., West Bend

Before coming to Dr. Kramer for chiropractic care, I suffered from neck pain, back pain, and I was continually sick with the flu and sinus infections. These symptoms caused me to miss work from being sick. The quality of my life and the time I was spending with my family was poor. I had no time for a social life because I was always in pain. Before my chiropractic care the only types of treatment I had tried were medications from the medical doctors. These had poor to moderate results, depending on what kind of illness I had. After starting my chiropractic care, I felt healthier, happier and more confident. I also had more energy. I also noticed that my asthma, my allergies, my menstrual cycle and bowel disorders improved, which I did not know could be helped by chiropractic care. During the flu season, my care also helped me to recover faster.

-Geralyn, West Bend

I’m writing this in hopes that many eyes and hearts will share my blessings that I have received since I’ve been a patient here at Dr. Kramer’s office, you will find it to be and overwhelming experience working with him and his compassionate staff.

First of all my name is Virginia (Ginny). I’m 47 years young, I’m a wife, mother, and grandmother. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic depression, bipolar, restless leg syndrome, bowel dysfunction and migraines back in 2004. I slowly but surely was losing my physical functions as well as emotional spirit as each day passed. I was being shifted doctor to doctor, psychiatrist to counselors, trying to find comfort in all the pain and depression I endured daily. Only now in hindsight do I know they were all were treating me the same. All would prescribe me med after med after my body and my mind came to a point where I had very little or no help with the meds. It was just temporary until the next flavor of the month came along!! I had virtually given up all hope and did not see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Then one day my wonderful husband had seen a commercial on television in regards to fibromyalgia, so he wasn’t about to give up and lose me to all this madness (as he called it) without at least inquiring about this particular commercial. So the phone call was made and instantly I received information, and the more we read, the more cautiously excited we were. Well somehow very quickly, I ended up in Dr. Kramer’s office. I found myself interrogating his patients. I was always told if it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t. (Wrong!) With that in mind I was still skeptical deep down. All the patients I spoke to had been in my very shoes!!I was cautiously excited and asked myself, “Who is this guy?!” Not only that, but the fact that he was a chiropractor!! What can he possibly do for me? I’ll tell you what he did for me. He brought all my functions slowly but surely back to normal again. (make note that you must work with Dr. Kramer on your individual care plan it’s very important you work as a team.)

I am now back at work. I’m back at being a full time functional person in whole without any disabilities other than at first trying to do too much too soon. It was overwhelming to first be told you wouldn’t be able to function normally anymore, then BAM… here you are with Dr. Kramer by your side working on lifetime stability. I’m also pain free throughout my whole body and no longer take any meds. With close guidance and follow up with my specific care plan, Dr. Kramer and I will grow old together.

I must be totally honest, there is an issue that very much saddens me, for I know that there are so many people out there that could live a normal life again, but somehow are not being reached by Dr. Kramer. We as his patients, if we could all tell at least 1 victim of all the madness of prescriptions and mental health care, our testimony…we would be doing such person a way to some sort of freedom as well as a blessing.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me through Dr. Kramer’s office.

Sincerely Blessed,

-Ginny K., Waukesha

I had lower back pain, some neck pain (stiffness in neck) headaches.

It gave me difficulty lifting baskets of parts and fixturing for machines, limited my activities: tennis, martial arts, some trouble sleeping at night.

I tried self therapy: stretching, taking ibuprofen/ aspirin which gave me slight temporary relief (didn’t always work).

I was slightly skeptical of chiropractors but I was plleased and impressed with the results .(results were more permanent than just taking pain killers of stretching) IIt enabled me to function better at work, slept better and less headaches.

Chiropractic care (especially when combined with regular stretching and exercise) is possibly the closest thing to the fountain of youth!

-James H., Menomonee Falls

I had headaches, foot pain, and FIBROMYALGIA. I lived a very sedentary lifestyle because of foot pain, trouble walking, and aching all over.

I was told I just had to live with the Fibromyalgia. I wasn’t willing to accept that. I had foot pain and it wasn’t going away. I saw an orthopedic and received 10 cortisone shots in my foot. Apparently you should only have three.

The above treatment didn’t work. I took medicine to help me sleep for my Fibromyalgia. It helps, but never totally takes the pain away in the 11 trigger points I have.

I was skeptical about chiropractic care but many people told me it would help. I was willing to try anything.

After beginning chiropractic care, I notice my headaches are going away and my foot is 95% better. My Fibromyalgia is again tolerable.

This has changed my life. I now can have a more active life. I’m happier. I can participate in life again. Everything doesn’t hurt anymore.

I’ve realized that keeping your back healthy is very important! It helps the whole body.

-Jean R.- Germantown

Before my chiropractic care, I had lower back pain and shooting pain down my right leg with some numbness. There were also nickel size knots in my neck. These symptoms did affect my life. My daily work suffered due to the pain of sitting for hours. This included lost time from work. The pain also affected household chores. I couldn’t lift or carry objects without feeling the pain. There were also times while I was driving that the pain would shoot down my right leg while I was braking. Before I came to Dr. Kramer for chiropractic care I had consulted and MD. I went to the doctor when I was experiencing pain and numbness, and the doctor gave me muscle relaxers. They covered the pain but did not fix the problem. The muscle relaxers made me calm and numb to the pain for a while, but the pain did come back. The problem was not healing. I was nervous at first about seeing a chiropractor, but I am glad that I decided to go. After the first few visits, the pain was gone. My neck was totally better and my back was healing. This changed my life in a positive way. I was definitely in a better mood without the pain. I also felt good about being able to improve my back. I also haven’t missed any days at work since my care started. Since receiving my care, I also noticed that my sinuses haven’t been as bad. I can also sleep through the night without waking up every time I move. Overall, the friendly atmosphere at the office is great. I also enjoyed the spinal care class that Dr. Kramer gave that supplied me with useful information. Dr. Kramer is also great at answering all of my questions.

-Jeanine-Menomonee Falls

Right and left sided neck pain, overall back pain but particularly bad upper and middle back and lower left side of spine. Both shoulders stiff due to previous rotator cuff surgery on left shoulder; upcoming rotator cuff surgery on right shoulder. Some aches and pains probably due to a bad car accident about 4 years ago.

Symptoms became progressively worse over the last 4-5 years with more problems cropping up which decreased my desire to start the day with a positive attitude. Work, family, and social interactions became more of an exercise than an enjoyable pleasure.

Medical treatment included various medications including Imipramine, Advil, Aleve, Temazepam and even Vioxx. (now taken off the market by FDA with many lawsuit pending.) I was also treated with physical therapy on three different occasions.

Short term relief while taking medications; however, some of the medications had adverse effects. Physical therapy lasted only during the periods of therapy and while doing exercise. It was necessary to continue to exercise daily in order to have any associated relief and that relief was only until my body made a physical move outside of its comfort range.

I was not really skeptical of chiropractic care since I had been treated once in the past for a back injury; but some how I did not think of my pains in terms of something a chiropractor could help. A feeling of desperation was taking over when I happen to see Dr. Kramer’s advertisement on television.

I believe that my response to Dr. Kramer’s care was very positive even after the very first with a decided improvement in level of pain and ability to sleep. There was no pain remaining after six treatments.

As a result of Dr. Kramer’s treatment, I have been able to do all of my spring yard work including picking up and burning brush, cleaning the barbeque grill, and perform many other household tasks that I had been putting off. I am very pleased that my “to do” list will be taken care of by the time of my right side torn rotator cuff surgery.

I further intend to return as soon as possible to Dr. Kramer’s care following the surgery for his help with my recovery. His fine care had given me renewed enthusiasm for keeping my physical being on a sound track toward better overall health. I am making this statement with the hope of helping Dr. Kramer to some small extent in exchange for all of the help that he has given me. I am glad that I found Dr. Kramer!

My sleep patterns have definitely improved and I have not noted an improvement in the frequency and degree of hot flashes that I was experiencing due to the chiropractic care.

-Joan G., Grafton

My name is Joel and I am 10 years old. I came to see Dr. Kramer for my asthma. Since coming to Dr. Kramer for treatment, I have drastically cut back on my asthma medications. Before coming to Dr. Kramer, I was on Ventolin, Intal, Nasalcrome, Flovent, Prednisonl and allergy shots. Since coming to Dr. Kramer, I am the healthiest I have been since the age of 2. I used to be on steroids both inhaled and oral, Ventolin (a quick fix), nasal spray, Intal, plus weekly allergy shots. Now my allergy shots are every two weeks, nasal spray, Intal and I see Dr. Kramer once a month. After my chiropractic care, I noticed incredible improvement. I was taking less medications and I was seeing the doctor less frequently. This gave me belief that I would not die from my asthma. It also gave me a much more active life. My confidence also improved. I would strongly recommend Dr. Kramer to anyone, child or adult, that suffers from asthma or other allergies.

-Joel, Germantown

Constant lower back pain along with occasional cramps.

I kept working as best as I could, at a much slower rate. I actually thought I would have to stop truck driving. The yard work was sheer torture but still needed to be done. The social interaction ie: parties, church were not any fun.

I tried stretching, exercise and pain pills with very minimal relief and certainly temporary.

Much better than the same old, same old at other chiropractors!

Dr. Kramer used some unorthodox techniques that at first I was skeptical of.

While he explained his methods that I still don’t quite understand, bottom line- it worked.

It totally changed my personality.

-Joel, West Bend

My name is Judy and I am in retail sales. I suffered from complete exhaustion to the extent that sometimes a shower was all I could do in one day. My muscles and joints ached so bad I couldn’t sleep or concentrate on even a normal conversation.

I had to give up managing a store full- time because I just didn’t have the energy or ability to concentrate. I hardly made it to any family functions. My social life was almost non- existent. I didn’t enjoy anything anymore and felt so useless. I used to be that energetic person always on the go.

I had been put on every medication to help ease my symptoms but I still had no energy and found some medications to be hard on my stomach. I tried physical therapy but all it did was exhaust me more. I tried a pain clinic with no results. Medication only temporarily relieved the symptoms.

I was somewhat skeptical of chiropractic care but I had to try everything else short of surgery.

My response to chiropractic care was very positive. Even after my first treatment I knew I had finally found help for my symptoms. I can work more at a job I really enjoy. I’m sleeping better than I have in years. Of course I’m happier now because I can go shopping, take my grandchildren for the day, or go out at night without having to rest before or hurry home because of exhaustion. I can take walks without tiring.

I never thought a chiropractor could ease the pain in my whole body to the extent that I would have more energy to actually feel like a human being, alive and ready to live life again. Dr. Kramer has given me my life back. II wish everyone who ever felt like I did would be smart enough to try chiropractic care, especially when all else has failed.

Judy, Germantown

My name is Julie and I am a Special Education Teacher. Before chiropractic care I had severe neck pain and could not move my neck from side to side. I had lower back pain as well.

I limited my physical work inside and outside of my house. I couldn’t sleep. I had difficulty driving to where sometimes I couldn’t sit up straight. At work I was extremely uncomfortable and I know it affected my teaching. I was crabby!

I had to stop lifting weights. All my physical activities; swimming, running, and lifting weights were greatly affected. I had to stop some of these completely because I was in pain.

I tried massage for my pain which gave me temporary relief for a day. I took Aleve on a daily basis which covered up the pain for hours but I was still uncomfortable. Taking Aleve was unusual for me because I preferred not to take drugs. The pain kept coming back.

I had been to a chiropractor for wrist problems and it really helped so I was not skeptical about chiropractic care.

When I entered Dr. Kramer’s office I was at the end of my rope and couldn’t stand the pain anymore. When I left I felt like a human being again. My response to chiropractic care was immediate relief! My life changed!

I was able to sleep again and became happier because the pain was gone. My physical activities improved. I noticed gains in my swimming abilities. I could tolerate stress at work more easily, did not get sick as much, and my posture is so much better!!

I noticed my asthma was not as severe during hard workouts in swimming. Every year I get bronchitis and this year, it wasn’t as severe either. It seems as though I can breathe easier.

Thank you so much! You changed my life!

-Julie R., Brookfield

My name is Kerin and I am a homemaker. My symptoms started after the birth of my second child. During labor I had received a walking epidural. This gave me severe headaches for 14 days. I could not get out of bed and was re- hospitalized. Several weeks later, I was getting headaches again. They happened every day. I couldn’t care for my newborn and my 4 year old. I could not function or get out of bed. This caused my mood to be horrible, I was depressed and angry. I couldn’t work, take care of my kids, or enjoy them. I also slept a lot. The pain was so bad, all I wanted to do was crawl into bed and not wake up. I was thinking that I didn’t even want to live and it just wasn’t worth it. I went to my OBGYN and she put me on antidepressants for postpartum depression. The medication did nothing. I consulted my family doctor and he told me that I had migraines. He gave me many different pills that didn’t do anything to relieve the pain. Then I had to go for a Cat Scan to check for tumors or an aneurysm. But they came out fine. Then he referred me to a neurologist. This is when I decided to try chiropractic. After my first adjustment from Dr. Kramer, my headache frequency and pain level was cut in half. After each adjustment the headaches got less painful and less frequent. After three months of care, I feel great. I seldom have headaches and when I do, they are tolerable. I am no longer depressed. I sometimes feel that I have more energy now than before I became pregnant. I am much more active. Thanks to Dr. Kramer and staff for all their help and kindness.

-Kerin, West Bend

My name is Kim and I am a Loan Servicing specialist. Before chiropractic care, I experienced pain everyday, all over my body, from FIBROMYALGIA. I had headaches, no energy, couldn’t sleep, and felt very weak.

It was hard to get up for work. My husband and I fought all the time and I never wanted to go anywhere. Mentally I wanted to work and go places but physically it just wasn’t happening.

I tried pain clinics and took a lot of medication but there were no positive results. I felt the same or worse. I was very skeptical about chiropractic care. Nothing else helped, so why would a chiropractor?

Seeking Chiropractic care was the best thing in the world. Everything has changed. I’m happy all the time. I have no reason to hate everything. I no longer argue with my husband all the time. I exercise on a regular basis. I even joined a Disney Bowling league with my 4 year old son. I did not realize that sleep could be helped with chiropractic care. I sleep through the night and feel great when I wake up.

Thank you Dr. Kramer! You are the best thing that’s happened to me in 4 years!

-Kim, Burlington

My name is Kristeen and I work as an Account Representative. I experienced constant neck and back pain along with back headaches.

I was always moody and on edge because I was so sick and tired of being in pain. The pain didn’t stop me from doing things, but my attitude wasn’t the greatest.

I’m not skeptical about chiropractic care because I know your body can get out of line. This chiropractic care is very different from my other one. My adjustments are done mostly standing up rather than lying down on a table and I’m only adjusted on my target areas instead of everywhere.

I feel great. I’m back to normal again and I thought this would never happen. I have been in pain for 14 years and I still can’t believe that I won’t go back to where I was because I thought I would have it for the rest of my life. Chiropractic care helped my headaches too.

Anyone who has Fibromyalgia I highly recommend Dr. Kramer. He will fix you back to normal again. As I said before, I thought I would be in pain forever. I can’t thank Dr. Kramer enough for making me pain free.

-Kristeen, West Bend

My feet had such pain that it often times would be difficult to walk. I could not play all the times i wanted with my children.

I tried pain medication that just made me feel out of it. I tried acupuncture that helped a little, but with no lasting results.

I wasn’t too skeptical, I just knew there was serious critical thought behind the system.

I experienced much less pain and a greater sense of energy and clarity! I felt better and could walk without the pain.

I was surprised that I would have such mental clarity. The whole process was very rejuvenating. Dr. Kramer knows what he is doing. I trust him. He has made a major positive impact on my life.

-Mark, Whitefish Bay

My name is Mike. Before starting my chiropractic care, I had recurring pain and stiffness in my neck. I also had muscle spasms and stiffness in my upper back area. These symptoms caused limitations in my physical activities. The pain and stiffness was becoming disturbing because of how often it was recurring. So far, my response to chiropractic care has been positive. I have not had the pain and stiffness near the degree that it was before I started my treatment. I have a better overall feeling, not having the constant stiffness in my neck and back.

-Mike O., Colgate

I had back aches, numbness in arm and hands when waking up. I was achy all over.

It slowed me down a lot, and I didn’t feel like participating.

I used to go to a lady chiropractor (Bev Jablonski in West Allis) but she passed away a few years ago. She kept me aligned. I think chiropractors are wonderful, I’ve been going to her since my 30s. I was not a bit skeptical of chiropractic, as my mother went to her mother!

I believed that Chiropractors can help a body better than a lot of doctors.

Doctors like to give shots and pills, and that doesn’t solve the problems!

I work better, sleep better, and feel good when I wake up. I’m more social with a lot of energy and in a good mood with a very healthy, physical life. (If you get my drift!)

Yes, I did have allergies that were really quite bothersome, and I was taking allergy pills all the time for them, but now I hardly ever take them, since I’ve been to Dr. Kramer.

I’m amazed that he could help me in this area. Thank you!!

-Pattie K., Greenfield

Nagging, recurring lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain. Right hip pain.

My pain affected my family life- I was unable to do all the “fun” things with my kids. Snow ski, hike…etc.

I tried both medical and physical therapy. Medical prescribed pills and PT was not effective. I was skeptical of chiropractic- I couldn’t imagine “how” it could work.

Afterward, I was amazed! My body felt different.

I felt taller! More comfortable. I slept better. No daily nagging pain.

I walked with a skip in my step! I am Happier! I have more energy.

My mood is improved.

I love Dr. Kramer’s focus and efforts on a healthy lifestyle. He really cares about the quality of life of his patients!

Thank you!

-Peggy M., Hartland

Rachel L. Hartland, WI

Dear Dr. Kramer,

First of all, I would like to start by thanking you for making me feel better. My headaches went away about one hour after I had left your office. My neck and back pains were a lot better from when I first walked into your office. You are a great person with a great experience and you do a very good job at it. I just want to thank you for that. I know my family and I always used to come in to see you for our pains and you were wondering why we weren’t coming in anymore. Well, it is because there is no need for us to come in if you have already made us better and if we have no more pains, so I am not only thanking you, but they are as well. Thanks again Dr. Kramer!


Rachel L

My name is Rana. I am a manager and sales clerk. Before seeking chiropractic care, I had problems sleeping because of aches and pains due to Fibromyalgia.

I had to change jobs and only work part-time. I could not participate in a lot of activities with my family and my three sons. My husband and I have problems with our relationship due to my illness.

I have tried medical doctors, physical therapy, health clubs and tanning (heat helps the pain). I found little to no relief.

I was rather skeptical about seeking chiropractic care for my illness because I had seen a Chiropractor before and found relief of back pain only, really nothing else. But I was willing to try anything! I just wanted to be able to function on a day to day basis.

I am almost completely pain free. I am working on getting a second part-time job to equal out full-time hours again. I have not missed one day of work since starting treatment. My husband and I get along much better. I can function almost at a normal level and do a lot more with my family now.

Besides helping me with my Fibromyalgia, chiropractic care helped my son with his allergies and asthma, something which I did not realize could be helped with this type of care.

Dr. Kramer has helped my life more than I could’ve imagined!! Thank you!!

-Rana, West Bend

Fibromyalgia, back pain, neck pain, slouching, pain at the tip of my spine, hips hurt, wore glasses. I couldn’t do much; i hurt so i would just lay and rest more, which made my back worse.

I had tried, physical therapy, medication, heat. I always thought Chiropractors twist you and crack you in different ways, and if so, wouldn’t that hurt?

I was so impressed that it didn’t hurt. Loud cracks that you think would hurt, felt wonderful.

I couldn’t believe that just one time having an adjustment with Dr. Kramer I stood up straight and my back felt wonderful.

I’m more happy. It’s nice having one health problem gone. I sleep better I would say.

Once I hit the pillow i fall asleep. Plus i sleep the whole night without waking up and the position I fall asleep in, I wake up in. So much more too.

Well one, i don’t slouch anymore, and I look taller. My vision got better, I barely have to wear my glasses and I had bad sight. My fibromyalgia pain decreased by 50%, maybe more.

I believe that Dr. Kramer is a wonderful Chiropractor. His techniques helped my back pain and other pain too. And I think it’s wonderful he does research all the time, and then lets us know about it. He doesn’t just help with adjustments, but with diet, sleeping, how to sit, what are the best shoes to wear. Anything that he learns that can help us.

-Rebecca S., Brookfield

Before treatment my left and right hand fell asleep at night in bed and while driving my car.

Dr. Kramer helped my with my symptoms that I had which was diagnosed as carpal tunnel syndrome. I sleep through the night now! Did not have to get up during the night due to the numbness in my hands.

I like Dr. Kramer. He knows his job and does it right. I trust him.

-Scott H., Sussex

My symptoms before chiropractic care were pain, pain, and more pain! The worst areas were above my knees, lower back, hips, shoulders and face. I had pain in more places than I knew I had. I could not lay on my back. If I did, I wouldn’t be able to walk for most of the day.

My symptoms affected my entire life. I had a hard time walking some days, writing, seeing correctly, and even staying focused on what I was doing. It made me moody all the time, and I was unable to play with my children like I wanted to.

Before seeing Dr. Kramer I had been medicated, went through therapy, tried medication and exercise and it all made me feel worse.

At first I was skeptical about chiropractic care, but I had so much pain that I was ready to try anything. After seeing Dr. Kramer for the first treatment I was able to lay on my back without pain for the first time in my life! Immediately after treatment, I was able to breathe better and my headache went away. I also have not experienced as much pain or muscle spasms since. He is a true gift!

This has changed my life for the better in many ways. For one, I am not in such a bad mood so often and I can play with my children more the way I want to. I am also able to ride a bike and run a little. Those things I was also unable to do before treatment. It has also helped to improve the relationship between my husband and I because I am happier and able to do more with him and the kids.

A few other surprises came from my treatment as well. I am able to concentrate better on the projects at hand, I am more energetic, and my ankles don’t “crack” anymore when I walk.

I appreciate Dr. Kramer’s efforts he puts forth in lessening my symptoms. If it weren’t for him, I’d still be sitting on the couch or sleeping a lot everyday. I’d also still be in serious pain and still be seriously depressed, and my family would have continued to fall apart. Thank you Dr. Kramer for making such a big difference in my life!

-Shannon, Jackson

My name is Susan. Before coming to Dr. Kramer for treatment, I had lower back pain, aches in my neck and headaches. I could not lay flat and sleeping through the night was not something I could do. I had not tried any other treatment before coming to Dr. Kramer. At first, after my chiropractic care started, I was very sore. I gradually improved and by the second week, I could finally lay flat. This changed my life by helping me sleep through the night, which made me less crabby. My headaches also went away. Overall, I really do believe that I am on the right track.

-Susan, Random Lake

Full body, muscle, joint pain, limping, skin hurt, spine and neck pain, swelling and numbness of right hand and fingers. Could not write, bad skin, general weakness and beyond exhaustion, blurred eyes, migraines, sick frequently. Depression, IBS, Colitis, Fibromyalgia, P.T.S.D.. Asthma, and 1,000 other ailments -_-

Every facet of life has broken apart. Marital abuse of all natures starting this ball of dramatic change in my body, heart, soul, emotion, spirit and joy. With lack energy the symptoms created dramatic devastation in all facets of life, being beat, and high stress career and never ending pain, I did my 30 year job.

Cortisone shots- did work well for a long time. Medical treatment gave me very limited relief and the treatments never focused on how to work towards finding a way towards the underlying problem and trying to alleviate as much pain for a lifetime goal and working towards healthy alternatives for a happier life.

10 years ago, but not now. It’s time for Eastern and Western medicine blend. A lot more people would be healthier.

I was very impressed. First, by the fact that Dr. Kramer and his staff look at me when I ask questions, or am down and hurting. II haven’t been privy to very personal, humorous and caring health professionals.

I actually gained ½” in height and my cracked up neck could turn normally.

Recently I was very ill with clostridium difficile, thus there has been an interruption of my care with Dr. Kramer. My belief is that my symptoms or conditions will definitely improve with continued chiropractic care. The atmosphere at Dr. Kramer’s office is very positive and conducive to well being.

I can’t wait to get back to repairing this body and I do believe with all honesty, for the first time in years I have met a real doctor. He gets to know his patients and really cares. This comes from someone that worked with M.D’s for 35 years.

-Sway S. RN, Milwaukee

My name is Terese and I suffered from fatigue, body aches, headaches, asthma, sinus pain, neck and back pain, brain fog, and depression.

I was unable to do many of the things I enjoyed. I missed out on many events and working was out of the question. I could barely get out of my bed. I’d attempt to be useful and half way through I’d be exhausted.

I tried doctors and chiropractors. Several doctors wanted to give me antidepressants. Chiropractors would adjust me and the next day I’d hurt again. They really didn’t get down to my real problems of Fibromyalgia. I was disappointed and frustrated and was ready to call a pain center.

I knew about chiropractic care and believed in it when it was done the correct way for the situation. After the first appointment with Dr. Kramer, using his different approach, I felt better and my outlook changed almost immediately.

I can sleep without tossing and turning. I don’t have unusual aches and pains. I can function again! I’m not “down in the dumps” anymore and I’m again excited about working and being functional. I can’t believe it!! I knew what chiropractic care could do for my person, I just don’t feel my previous doctors knew much about Fibromyalgia.

Thank you so much for giving me my life back!!

-Terese H., Hartland

Tom A.: Co- Pilot at American Airlines

I had neck and lower back pain. My symptoms were not severe nor were they debilitating.

However, the constant presence of pain was an emotionally depressing experience.

I had sought chiropractic care in the past from several different chiropractors, but none were able to give me any long term relief. I was skeptical of Dr. Kramer, since i had experienced failures of treatment in the past.

Dr. Kramer’s method began breaking through past old injuries, freeing my body to heal and align itself so that now I seem to be better aligned each time I come in.

The aches and pains are much less now. My thoughts seem clearer and I feel that I can do more exercising which will only enhance my state of health. Decreased energy was restored as well as mood and clarity of thought.

Dr. Kramer did much more for me than he initially told me that he could.

I feel that both he and Jennifer have enhanced my life immensely, beyond expectations.

-Tom A., Waukesha