Sinus Opening Treatment

Breath Freely With ECC

Over 40 million Americans suffer from sinus problems. They spend over $1 billion dollars a year on over the counter sinus medications, $150 million on prescription drugs and $100 million on surgery. These things may provide some temporary relief, but for chronic sinus sufferers, they don’t fix the problem.

As early as the 1900’s it was recognized that misalignments of a bone in the cranium called the sphenoid bone can cause obstructions in the nasal passages as well as other symptoms.  A new technique has been developed called Endonasal Cranial Correction (ECC) that re-aligns the sphenoid bone and helps sinus sufferers breath normally again.

endonasal 2

The technique involves the doctor inserting tiny balloons into the nasal passages and inflating them. This opens up the nasal passages and allows free breathing. The results are dramatic and permanent.  It is very helpful for people suffering from chronic sinus congestion, sleep apnea, deviated septum, snoring, headaches, lightheadedness and post concussion syndrome.

The procedure feels like the sensation you get when you jump in a pool and get water up your nose.  It is uncomfortable for a few seconds, you blow your nose, and its over. Improvements in breathing are noticed immediately.   From two to six treatments are necessary to completely correct the sphenoid.

We have had several patients who obtained more relief from one endonasal treatment than they received from $40,000 sinus surgery.  In a research case series performed by Dr. Paul Kramer, 20 patients underwent ECC treatment. They were evaluated before and after using the same outcome assessment used for sinus surgery.  Every patient improved. All the patients improved to a greater degree than patients reports after surgery.

Anyone suffering from sinus conditions is a candidate for this treatment.  This is especially true if the sinus symptoms started after head or face trauma.  Anyone suffering from post concussion symptoms should be checked for cranial misalignment because many of the symptoms are related to sphenoid misalignment and they can be relieved with ECC.  

If you have any questions on Endonasal Cranial Correction, Dr. Kramer is available to answer them in person or on the telephone, just ask.  To schedule a consultation and treatment, call Jennifer or Pat at 262-293-3790.