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Hi, I’m Doctor Paul Kramer from Dr Paul Kramer Chiropractor and I want to explain a little bit to you today about how your posture affects back pain, sciatic, disc problems, and spinal stenosis.

The whole reason that you have any of those four conditions has to do with your posture. It’s where it started. Normal posture is when your head is over your shoulders, your shoulders are over your hips, and your hips are over about the middle part of your foot. When you have that, you have good posture.

Now, I’m betting if you have one of those conditions and you looked at yourself in the mirror, you’re finding yourself either like this with your shoulders forward, or you’re off to the side like this, or a combination of both. What has happened to you is bones have misaligned in your spine in a way that your body can’t self correct. That way is forward. When a bone goes forward in your spine, you do not have muscles back here that can pull straight back in order to self correct that. That’s a major problem with everyone’s posture. You see people start to slump down and forward as they get more and more areas where these bones have gone forward and they can’t self correct that. They start going down and forward like this.

Now what that does as that bone shifts forward, these are normal spinal bones, in between here is a nerve. That’s where where the nerve exits between the bones. In between each bone is a disc and that disc on the inside is made of a gelatin like material and the outside the annulus is tough. Sort of like a jelly donut, the outside is tougher, the inside is liquid. Now, when a bone goes forward, it shifts the pressure on that disc to the front part of the disc and it starts pushing the jelly out to the back.

When that happens, that jelly can come out the back, it makes a bulge here and it can start to pinch on the nerve that’s coming out in between those vertebra. If you have sciatica, this is one of the reasons it can happen. Bulging and degenerative discs, that’s what’s happening here, but it all starts with those bones starting to shift forward. When they shift forward, it puts more pressure on the front part of the disc and then that starts to bulge in there, out the back. Then you can start getting pain that starts here in the back, it may go into the buttocks, it may run all the way down into the legs all the way into the foot. That’s from that sciatic nerve being pinched. Discs bulging like that and contacting nerves is a big issue for a lot of people.

Secondly, just having that pressure differentiated there from having those bones misaligned like that can start that gelatinous material inside there, it can start it bulging even inside the disc and cause the disc itself to swell in here. The swollen disc itself can be a cause of pain. Just having that swollen disc can make your back painful. It can even cause radiating pain into the legs even though it’s not pinching the nerve or contacting this, you can get referred pain down in your legs just from having this bulging situation here in your back.

What you want to do is be able to get those bulge realigned properly. What that does is it shifts the pressure so that it comes completely across the disc instead of going on the front and pushing it towards the back. You want to equalize the pressure that’s on that disc so that it can heal properly. The inflammation goes down, the bulge reduces a little bit and takes some pressure off of that nerve, those types of things, all from getting that realigned.

The second issue as it relates to posture is as your posture goes down and forward like this, what is happening is your spinal column gets longer. Just as my shirt here gets stretched as I’m going down and forward like this, your spinal column does the same thing. It’s actually getting longer as your posture goes down and forward like that. That is stretching your spinal cord and it’s stretching all the nerve roots all the way down.

Now, if you have a situation where you have a bit of a bulge here, that nerve now gets stretched over the bulge and that’s a big problem. All that slack is out of there and it allows that bulge to really dig in to that nerve and cause a lot of irritation. What you want is a situation where this is at least slacked in here so that nerve can go right around that bulge and it doesn’t cause so much irritation. You do that by getting your posture corrected. What that does is that shortens the length of your spinal canal and allows more slack and movement in there so that those nerves can go around those bulges and not come into contact with them.

There’s two separate issues, the posture causes the pressure to go differently on those discs and causes them to swell and bulge up. The second thing is the posture causes these nerves to get stretched back here. When they get stretched, it allows for more situations where they can become pinched and irritated because of that. We have to get your posture straightened out so it takes the tension off the nerves and equalizes the pressure on your discs.

My guess is if you watched up to this point, no one has ever told you any of these types of things. There’s a book called Adverse Mechanical Attention in the Central Nervous System that was written about 30 years ago that explains all this in great detail. The doctor that wrote it is Alf Brieg, he’s a neurosurgeon from Sweden. Unfortunately in the United States almost no one has ever heard of Alf Brieg though he’s done more work in this area than anybody and if you apply his principles to your treatment, it becomes exponentially more effective. It’s unbelievable if you just take what he was saying and apply it to what you’re doing.

All of the work here that we do in terms of posture correction and getting all of these things corrected can be done on an experimental basis in terms of I can show you physically the results of the treatment pre and post. You can come in here and be slumped over, I can do some adjusting and you will start to actually physically, even on the first visit, you’ll start to feel your body coming backwards, you’ll start to feel your body start to freeing up, moving around better and everything incrementally on each visit, you’ll get a little bit better.

It’s an amazing process and it’s the result of applying principles that were done almost 30 years ago to this type of treatment. If you have any questions on this or if you want to come in and find out what we can really do for you in terms of correcting the situation with these pinched and stretched nerves in your back and getting those discs in better shape, give us a call or we can set up a free consultation with me. You can call either Pat, or Jennifer and talk with them. They’ll get you set up with a free consultation. The number here is 262-293-3790 and we can get that set up, we can talk about your situation, we can get you out of pain and back into life again, which is what you really want. Again 262-293-3790.

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