Intensive Treatment

Intensive Treatment

Intensive chiropractic treatment can help get a patient out of pain and heal long standing problems very quickly.  In one day, you can get structural changes that often take several weeks with normal treatment.

Intensive treatment used to be commonplace in the profession.  Chiropractors used to adjust patients multiple times per day in order to get them out of acute severe pain and make a large structural change quickly.

When chiropractic care started being reimbursed by insurance companies, chiropractors were pressured to provide less care for their patients.  As a result, no insurance company will pay for multiple treatments in a day and since the 1970’s, there has been a decline in chiropractors who know how to do intensive treatment.  Today, the art is pretty much lost.

However, Dr. Kramer is well trained in performing intensive treatment and has performed the procedures hundreds of times with dramatic positive results.

Who benefits from intensive treatment ?

  • Patients who have longstanding issues that need a large structural change to get relief.
  • Athletes and performers that need to quickly get back to action.
  • Patients who can only be seen less than once per week.
  • Patients in acute severe pain.
  • Out of town/long distance travel patients

A session of intensive treatment consists of doing multiple adhesion releases and adjustments in an initial visit that lasts about ½ hour.  The patient walks around or rests and then returns in 1 to 2 hours for more adjustments.  Patients should expect 2 to 4 return visits the same day.

Charges for intensive treatment are $275.00 per treatment day during normal office hours and $385.00 per treatment during off hours.  Dr. Kramer will consult with you prior to treatment and answer all your questions.

For out of town patients, we can make suggestions for hotels in the area.  Arrangements can be made for transportation via Big City Limosine Service from the Green Bay, Milwaukee and O’Hare airports at reasonable rates.