Germantown Restaurants

Best Restaurants In Germantown, WI

Are you planning to take a trip to Germantown, Wisconsin? If you are, then you should know what some of the best restaurants are. With that said, continue to read of to find out which restaurants are the best in Germantown.

1. Von Rothenburg Bier Stube– If you’re looking for a restaurant that will make you feel like you’re sitting in a German restaurant in Germany, then look no further than Von Rothenburg Bier Stube. There are four areas of the restaurant, with one being the bar area and the others being the lower and upper dining area, as well as the Bier Garten. As for the type of food that’s served here, you will find various and authentic German dishes, which include German sausage dishes, various types of salads, entrees such as Kassler Rippchen and much more. You will love everything about Von Rothenburg Bier Stube, so make sure you dine there.

2. Cracker Barrel – Crack Barrel has restaurants all across America, and there is one located in Germantown, so if you’re looking for a great place to bring the family, then you will want to go to Cracker Barrel. The menu is quite extensive and there is something for everyone on it. You an get breakfast here, as well as lunch and dinner, and some of the things you can order include egg sandwiches, pancakes, steak, salads and so much more. It is an American-style restaurant, but they do have various foods to choose from, and you won’t be disappointed with the menu selection.

3. HUNG Hao– If you are craving Chinese or Asian food, then HUNG Hao is one of the best Chinese restaurants in the area, so be sure to check them out. You can find all your Chinese food favorites at HUNG Hao, which include crab ragoon, Hong sue duck, lobster kew, orange beef and walnut chicken. Those are just a few of the many items available on the menu, and you will be pleased to know that even though HUNG Hao serves extremely high quality food, it is very affordable and it is worth the price. If you’re a fan of Chinese foods, then you will be in for a treat when you eat at HUNG Hao.

4. Aldo’s– Aldo’s Italian Restaurant may very well be the best Italian restaurant in not just Germantown, but the entire state of Wisconsin. You just can’t go wrong when you choose to eat at Aldo’s, and this is because they serve delicious food, great dishes, their prices are more than fair and many reviewers have raved about this place. If you enjoy pizza and Italian food, then Aldo’s Italian Restaurant should be one of the first places you eat at while in Germantown. Also, it is worth pointing out that many people believe Aldo’s serves the best pizza in town, so make sure to order some pizza for yourself if you go there.

5. La Chimenea– Germantown is also where you will find La Chimenea, which is a Mexican restaurant. La Chimenea serves great tasting Mexican food at a great price, so if you go here you won’t be disappointed, and if there happens to be a wait for a table, make sure you do wait around. This is because the food is worth waiting for, and the restaurant is known for their food and menu selection. By the end of your dinner, you will feel full and satisfied, so make sure La Chimenea is on your list of restaurants you want to visit.

6. BubS Irish Pub– As the name implies, Bubs Irish Pub is a pub, but it is also a restaurant, so if you enjoy good drinks and good food, then you will love BuBs Irish Pub. Being an Irish pub and restaurant, you can find various Irish-themed foods here, as well as many other kinds of foods. The menu selection ranges from nachos to wings to burgers to chicken nuggets to fish and so much more, but regardless of what you get, you can rest assure that the staff at BuBs Irish Pub will do a good job cooking it for you.

7. Old Town Beer Hall– Another restaurant that has a German-theme to it, as well as being one of the best restaurants in Germantown, is the Old Town Beer Hall. Also, if you love Bavarian food, then this is the place to be, and don’t worry about prices because the food is priced right. Not only that, but quite a few reviews have mentioned how fun the atmosphere is, so if you enjoy good food, great tasting drinks and a fun atmosphere, then one of the first restaurants you want to go to is the Old Town Beer Hall.

8. Robert’s Frozen Custard– American cuisine is served here and there is a patio you can check out too. If you love American food at a great price, as well as huge portions, then Robert’s Frozen Custard is the place to be. You will love this restaurant and you will likely make numerous visits throughout your stay in Germantown.

There are many good restaurants in Germantown. However, if you’re looking for the best restaurants in Germantown, then make sure you visit the ones mentioned above. All of those restaurants are unique in their own way and they are worth making the trip to. Dine at one of the above restaurants today and find out for yourself what makes them the best around.