Places Of Interest In Germantown Wisconsin

Places Of Interest In Germantown Wisconsin

There is a village in Washington County in the state of Wisconsin that is called Germantown. It is very small, with only about 19,000 people, primarily of German descent. It is located just above Milwaukee, and south of Green Bay, new the shores of Lake Michigan. It surrounds a tiny area called the Town of Germantown, and is considered by many to be a wonderful place to live. This consensus comes from those that obviously live in this community, especially from families that have found a place outside of the cities where they can properly raise their children. It is a very small community with a total area of under 40 square miles, consisting of about 8000 housing units. In those, you have 5000 families with over 30% of them with children under the age of 18, perfect area for people that are family oriented. There are actually many places of interest in Germantown Wisconsin, some of which actually attract people from the city. This article will address these places that you may find interesting once you arrive at Germantown, regardless of when you show up during the year.

Origins of Germantown

Germantown began as a settlement for people that were of German dissent decades ago. Starting off with just a a few hundred people, it has grown into a very tightknit community of friends and family that do everything together. As other cities began to grow in size, the residence of Germantown would travel to places like Milwaukee, Green Bay, or even travel as far as Chicago in order to do their primary shopping. Despite having a long commute to do shopping, or even for work, this small community is one that people prefer to live in because it is so far removed from the busy, and sometimes dangerous, city life.

Activities To Do In Germantown For The Elderly

Although a large portion of the families in this community have children under the age of 18, there are quite a few activities for the elderly that they can participate in without having to drive to a nearby city. For example, senior citizens can participate in many different activities including craft workshops, woodworking courses, and they can also catch dinner and a movie. If they like to play cards, games or even take trips to the local casinos, this is something that is always available. Most of the elderly in the community have been therefore many years, some of them that have been there since the 1950s. At that time, the population was well under 1000 people, but as the community has transformed into an area where younger people are choosing to raise their families, activities for younger people have also increased.

Activities In Germantown For The Young

Starting with the Germantown School District, there are a couple elementary schools, a middle school and a high school, with a total of about 4000 students.. The median income of those in the village is about 60,000 year, which allows families to do quite a few things. There are sporting events that they can enroll their kids in, and there are also fun places to hike. Snowmobiling is very large when it starts to snow, and skiing can also be done at nearby ski resorts, a favorite hobby for families during the wintertime. For adults, there are golf courses that are very good, and there are even more for those that will travel all the way to Milwaukee. There are campgrounds for those that are either residents in the area that would like to get out and really experience the beautiful landscape, and of course for visitors that would like to stay for a week as well. County events do occur, but what is the most popular are the breweries and wineries in the area. In fact, the state of Wisconsin is well-known for the beer and cheese that it produces, and this is one of the highlights for those that come into the Germantown area.

State Parks And Trails

Just like most smaller communities, one of the major attractions for those that live in the area, and definitely for individuals traveling to Germantown from Green Bay, and even as far as Chicago, are the beautiful scenic areas which include kettle valleys, esker hills, and the many moraines in the area. Pike Lake State Park is extremely popular because it provides great skiing trails, and places where people can do icefishing. You need to be careful, waiting for the ice to become extremely thick before going out onto a lake so that you can do your fishing. There is also something called the Ice Age trail, which is one of the designated National Scenic Trails in the United States. It is near the Holy Hill, a place that people often go biking, and is a primary attraction for those coming in from the city.

Golfing And Other Attractions

Another reason that people come into Germantown are the golf courses that are open during the spring and summer, and sometimes late into the fall. They are surrounded by beautiful scenic views and vistas, something that cannot be found on golf courses in the larger cities, prompting many people to drive an hour or more just to play. Zimmermann’s Kettle Hills has a 45 hole golf course, one of the most challenging because of the natural kettle moraine features. Finally, there are other attractions to be found in this rural countryside including places to go biking, running, and even canoeing, especially during the warm summer months.

After you have visited Germantown, you will probably understand why this small community is so popular on the west side of Lake Michigan. It is a slow town, one that is in stark contrast to the many cities that are so close by. Although it can get cold during the winter, during the summer it is the perfect place for people that like to get outdoors. Whether you live there, and regardless of your age, Germantown has something to offer everyone.