Why is the ABC method different ?

The ABC method is radically different than other forms of chiropractic, osteopathy, physical therapy or massage. It was developed with the help of mechanical and aerospace engineers who discovered things about the human body that doctors never realized. The major discovery was that most spinal injuries get corrected all by themselves. Your body will use its muscles to pull itself back into alignment and the injury heals. However, certain misalignments cannot be self-corrected. They don’t self-correct because there are no muscles pulling in the direction needed to do it. Left uncorrected, these injuries cause major degenerative conditions that lead to pain, loss of mobility and declining health. The recognition of this type of spinal injury is the major difference in this type of treatment. The ABC method was developed through extensive physical testing and pre- and post- treatment x-ray studies. Only methods that improve posture, relieve pain and increase function are used. This is very different from other spinal manipulation methods that are based largely on theory and not results. The ABC method is consistent and predictable which is why doctors and patients love it.

To hear more about it, watch this video of ABC doctors talking about their experiences with it for themselves and their patients.

Can You Help Me ?

Dr. Kramer gets great results with: low back pain, neck pain, headaches, shoulder problems, sprains, sports injuries, fibromyalgia, sciatica, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, balance disorders and foot pain. The only way to really know if he can help you is to call the office and ask for a consultation with him. If you have X-rays or MRIs from other doctors, please bring them to the consultation. He will tell you if he thinks he can or can’t help you. He’ll tell you how long it will take and what it will cost. You can get all that information prior to making a decision, at no cost, without any obligation whatsoever.  Also please view our testimonials.

Do You Take My Insurance ?

We take most major insurances. We are “In-Network” for Cigna, Humana, Medicare, United Healthcare, WEA Trust, WPS and others. Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield does not list chiropractors in their provider directory.  We do accept Anthem Blue Cross patients and offer a discount program for them.  If you do not have insurance benefits, we have payment plans and discounts that can make your care very affordable. You can call our office and talk to Jennifer or Pat to find out more information.  We are the first chiropractic office in Wisconsin to accept Bitcoin and Litecoin as payment for services.  We are also proud members of the Patriot Project, a nationwide group of chiropractors providing free care to wounded veterans. Link to Patriot Project

Will You Respect My Time?

Convenience is an issue with most people.

Your time is very important to you, and that makes it important to us. The office procedures are designed to make things flow smoothly, in order to keep waiting time to a minimum. If you have a complex condition, you can ask to have your case history form sent to you, and you can fill it out prior to coming in to the office.

We usually run on time, and we will apologize if we keep you waiting. The only thing that makes us late is if someone needs more care than was expected when their appointment was made.

We like to work efficiently and we try to make it so your treatment will not disrupt your life.

How Many Visits Will It Take To Fix My Problem?

The estimate is based on scientific literature and Dr. Kramer’s experience with your type of problem. How many treatments depends on how bad the problem is and what your goals are concerning your condition.

Most people want to get out of pain as fast as possible. Some people want their posture corrected as well. Others want better mobility, function and health. The amount of care you need will depend largely on your goals. But, obviously, the more severe your condition, the more treatment you will need to meet your goals.

If you have a sports injury, you can look at the sports injury section of this site for information on number of treatments and healing time to get back to competition.

What is Endonasal Cranial Treatment and why should I consider having it ?

Endonasal Cranial treatment is a procedure that re-aligns the bones of the face and skull. It is particularly effective in helping people who have sinus disorders, restricted nasal passages, broken noses, deviated septums, nose bleeds, post-concussion symptoms, sleep apnea, tinnitus, TMJ syndrome and headaches.

For more information on Endonasal, ask Dr. Kramer. It is life-changing for people with these conditions.  Here is a great video from Dr. Adam Del Torto that explains this type of treatment very well.

Why does Dr. Kramer treat and adjust the whole body?

It is a mistake to not look at the body as a whole when treating a patient.  You may come in because you want relief of neck pain for example.  Most doctors would focus on what is going on in your neck by loosening sore muscles, aligning bones and reducing inflammation of tissues.  It is not necessarily a bad approach, but it often does not lead to a complete healing of the problem.  The neck muscles could be tight because your overall body posture makes your head stick out in front of your shoulders and you have to strain to hold up your head.  Loosening the muscles may give temporary relief, but the tension will come back because the posture is never fixed.  It is impossible to align the bones in one part of the spine without effecting the alignment in another.  Simply aligning the neck will not solve the problem.  Inflammation is always present when a joint is under pressure and irritated.  Reducing inflammation helps with pain, but addressing the cause of the inflammation is a much better approach.

Patients are surprised when Dr. Kramer relieves neck pain without treating the neck.  Or low back pain without treating the low back.  It isn’t always like this because everyone has a different situation, but the best solution is to look for the problem areas your body can’t self-correct, give it the help is needs and then let your body heal itself.

Will Dr. Kramer teach me how to avoid having more health problems?

YES! One of the benefits of seeing Dr. Kramer is that he will teach you how to take better care of yourself. He will teach you how to sleep, sit and choose proper footwear. These instructions are vital to you getting better and avoiding problems down the road.  At the right time, he will teach you exercises to help strengthen your spine. These things will help to prevent more problems in the future. He also sends out health bulletin Emails to keep you up to date on the latest health news. You will get information on nutrition, chiropractic, medicine, fun facts, recipes and jokes. Patients love them.  Every month you are welcome to attend one of his free health workshops, even if you aren’t a patient.  Here is the link to the schedule: Workshops