Demographics of Germantown, WI

Demographics of Germantown, Wisconsin

There are a lot of things that go into making a town what it is. The people, their culture, their values, the gender make up, the income and education make up of the town, and even the amount of married people all go into giving a town its unique flavor. In this article, we will go over the unique demographics of Germantown, Wisconsin and take an inside into the data that tells the story of this unique piece of American Pie. You will like find a lot of favorable things when you take a look at this data.


Germantown is not a big town by any stretch of the imagination. It is a small town but far from rural. It is a town with a lot of educated people, but it is an older town. As of the last census, there are 19,788 people in Germantown. Of these 19,788 people, 50.1% are male and 49.9% are female. Far from a singles market or a date spot, but definitely a great place to settle down for a family or for an older couple who are looking for a safe small town to call home. It is made up of all things Rockwellian.


People in Germantown are a bit older than the rest of the state. The average age is 42.7 while the average for the state is around 39. It is mostly an adult town, full of baby boomers and older people. It is a town that will need its young to stay local in order for it to continue to flourish. One issue it has is the lack of single young people to raise families that will become the next leaders and towns people of the city of Germantown.


Income levels in Germantown are pretty decent. The median income level per household is $74,908 and is up from the 2000 level of around 60k, this is also higher than the $5l,467 average for the entire state. As you can see, income levels are higher than average and so are education stats. It is a well educated town with decent incomes.


Education level is a great indicator or income level, cultural and a host of different attributes that help one understand a city. In Germantown, 94.9% of all people have obtained a high school diploma, 39% have obtained a bachelors degree, 11.9 % have earned a graduate or professional degree. The unemployment rate is very low for the country and sits around 2.5%. Germantown is slightly more educated than most cities in the united states. The higher incomes are definitely a result of there large amount of educated citizens who work in professional and service based industries through out the town of Germantown.

Real Estate Cost: House or Condo

One of the most important things that anyone wants to know is how much does it cost to buy a house. This can often be a deal breaker or deal maker for many people. How much house they can afford will shape their experience in all different ways. The median house value in this area is around $229,864 and this is up from the 2000 median value of $163,332. You can definitely find more expensive and cheaper houses depending on which neighborhoods you choose, and there are many options to choose from. So there is a little bit of a lot of things for just about anyone.

Renting In Germantown

Not everyone can afford a house or even wants one, and for those people there needs to be rental options. In Germantown, the average mean rental fee is $909 per month. There are less expensive options when you add mobile homes and areas right outside of the city, but like in all towns rent is higher in the center of the city. You will find many rental opportunities for attached and detached properties throughout Germantown. As well as alternative housing.

Racial Make Up

Germantown is not a very diverse city, and one would not expect a small norther city to be. Most of the residents can track their family history to German and Dutch settlers who immigrated to this area in the 1700s. This town is 91.6% white, 2.9% Hispanic and 2.1% Black. You will not have all the cultural influences of bigger cities, but your will find friendly family oriented people.

Love & Marriage

We don’t think that Germantown is the place where most people would move to in order to find an active dating life. The majority of people in this town are 40 years old or older, 60% are married, only 22.7% have never been married, and only a small percentage are widowed. It is more the place to retire to or to bring your already established family for the small town safety and appeal that this city has. So if you are not looking for someone this is the perfect town for you.


The tell of the tape really does describe what type of town this is. It is a very safe small town, with very little violence, it has mostly married couples with a low divorce rate of only 9.9%. It is a town that is slightly older with the average age being 42.7 years old. It is the place to go if you want a quiet and peaceful life without the problems that big cities are known to have.