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Paul Kramer DC

Dr. Kramer graduated on the Dean’s list from Palmer Chiropractic University in 1994. Palmer is the world leader in chiropractic education, known for its well-rounded curriculum and technical teaching.  It is said that Palmer is to chiropractic as “Sterling” is to silver. After graduating, he opened his first office in Menomonee Falls in May 1995.

Dr. Kramer is very serious about his treatment skills.  He has spent many years studying chiropractic adjusting methods. In addition to his doctorate degree, he studied under several world renowned chiropractors including Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz, Dr. Howard Pettersson, Dr. Vernon Pierce, Dr. Burl Pettibon, Dr. Greg Fors, Dr. Brad Hayes and Dr. Daniel Murphy. After years of study and training, he is now a fully certified ABC chiropractic method practitioner.

Since 1995, he has successfully helped all kinds of people from frail chronic pain patients to elite athletes. He treats many different conditions and has a particular interest in treating complex disorders like post spinal surgery care, fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease, balance disorders and sports injuries.

Dr. Kramer is a founding member of the Chiropractic Society of Wisconsin, a group dedicated to serving patients and educating the public.

He has lived in Southeast Wisconsin most of his life. He loves to spend time with his wife and four children, but he also finds time to play guitar, swim and study martial arts. He has won several swimming championships at the state level and competed at Masters Nationals. He has a strong interest in physical, mental and spiritual health. He lives a very healthy, happy and balanced life.